Sophie Combes
Uncommon values is a series of pictures shot in various areas like surburban sideroads or abandonned industrial buildings. It intends to explore the relationship between objects and spaces.
The places are in the margins of human activities. The objects hasn’t anymore use value; their former function,the usage for which they were created is henceforth desactivated, diverted, or impossible to identify.
The series also interrogates how the images can mutually strengthen themselves, how we perceive them, especially as they depicts non codified situations and indefinite places.
What is the received value, allocated to the things we build and which surround us in a given duration and how does it fluctuate along the action of time? Some pictures have been shown during a group exhibition of site specific installations through the town of Allevard. Stuck on the walls, this temporary activation was perturbed by their lack of efficiency, as they don’t deliver any kind of message, and were inlaid in the reality without having the qualities required within a productive system.
The intention was to drift the pictures, proposing a subjective path through places chosen for the activities that they host, between games and expectation: a skatepark, a bus shelter in front of a cinema and a kindergarten.
As I placed them, the posters were turned into chances for the meeting, the questioning and the conversation with the passer-by and the inhabitants; they brought a new sort of layer carrying a space of interactions, showing discarded objects in rejected places.
Rapidly the appearence of the pictures changed: the glue and the material of the wall dissolved inks decreased the contrasts of the print, and created new reliefs.
Later, when I returned to Allevard these added layers on the walls were transformed into palimpsests, degraded by weather conditions or human intervention.
One picture, showing an obstructed door, was removed from the wall, without leaving any trace.
The printed surfaces were scratched, cleared or reveal former coats of paint. The vegetation came to overlap them, and the images were made abstract by the rain and the light.

photo: Virginie Piotrowski



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